Vision & Mission of Dr DY Patil School of Architecture, Talegaon, Pune


To impart and disseminate knowledge, develop competitiveness and provide research and development in the areas of Science, Engineering, Technology and Business Management that shall help mould great professionals and ideal citizens.


To provide quality in all spheres of higher learning in general and technology and management in particular, to students across all social and economic strata keeping in view the ever-changing global scenario. Law, Liberal Education, Teacher Education, Sports, etc. The D.Y.Patil School of Architecture has been founded with the intent of bringing forth erudite, informed and motivated architects equipped with ultra-modern skills, who can contribute towards building a humane society for the future by taking up the task of visualizing and designing for the human habitat with confidence and integrity. It is our primary objective to ensure the highest level of academic standards along with the spirit of creativity and growth in every individual. It is the endeavor of this institute to establish and nurture a heaven of academic excellence, creativity and personality development in which the budding architects can thrive. Thus we encourage our students to look at the world beyond mere academics by providing a wider exposure through a series of guest lectures and workshops by experts in architecture and related fields. Perceptual sketching and workshop practice on one-hand and computer skills on the other are especially emphasized.


The D.Y.Patil School of Architecture is recognized by the Government of Maharashtra and approved by the All India Council for Technical Education. Also, it is affiliated to the University of Pune. All the norms approved by the University are strictly adhered to and joint efforts are made incessantly to improve the level of education.

Teaching Methodology

Architecture is a part of the overall civilization and cannot survive in a vacuity. In order to grow the budding architects on outstanding lines, it is therefore necessary to give wider exposure to the students. With this objective in mind, extra classes, guest lectures and workshops are arranged after the regular college hours at no extra charge.

We believe, Architecture is the discipline dealing with the principles of design, construction and ornamentation of fine buildings. According to us, Architecture is not defined, yet! We hope it will never. Because, if we put any parameters, rules and regulations; our brains get trapped in it and restrict to one direction. We feel every design is the best, there is no right or wrong, it is just your way of thinking and looking at it, to judge it. Same with the architectural design, it should be formless, shapeless. Like water, It should get adjusted according to surroundings, client’s personality and architects thoughts.