Events By Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Architecture, Pune

  • Digital Architecture

    A guest lecture was conducted by Ar. Vinay Sonone on knowing about digital architecture and its uses. Role play of digital architecture in the practice in India and abroad. advantages of using it. Why is digital architecture so important and making it as a full-fledged course at under graduate level.

    Overseas Education in Architecture

    A guest lecture was conducted by Mr. Vinay Kamat focusing on guiding students on Overseas Education and mentioning a few places for the same, for example Canada, UK and USA etc. also guided students on do’s and don’ts of overseas education.

    Masters Education Prospects in UK

    A guest lecture was conducted focusing on future prospects and courses offered in higher education in various Universities in UK.

    Town Planning by Eminent Town Planner Mr. Joglekar

    Analysis of census done to rule out the population in rural and urban areas. Necessity of affordable housing catering to rural population as they are in greater number. Understanding the term affordable housing, different techniques used to make the housing affordable.

    Presentation by PCERF on “Constro”

    A presentation was carried to announce a competition for Architectural Competition organized by CONSTRO

    Discussion on Lokpal Bill


    Softwares in Architecture

    A guest lecture was conducted focusing on use of various software’s as a drafting and analysis tool in Architecture.
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